Ring Sizes

Once you have found a ring that you like it is important to know the correct ring size to select so that your ring can be worn in comfort. As standard we offer ring sizes from I – Q for women’s rings and R – Z for men’s rings, however we can make other ring sizes if necessary. All of our ring sizes are measured from the leading edge of a ring, which is the most common sizing system used by the jewellery industry. We can also make rings to a centre or trailing edge measurement if required.

To help you find your perfect ring size we offer you the following services:-

Ring Size Chart

The purpose of the ring size chart is to help you to determine the size of a ring that you already have, if you don’t already know the size. To use the chart simply download here and then follow the instructions as the chart will need to be printed off at a particular scale within your printer settings.

Metal Ring Sizers

Determining the correct ring size should be a simple task, however due to different ring shapes (Court, Flat, D shape etc) and different ring widths it is not uncommon to end up with a bad fit. This is especially true on wider rings that are above 6mm in width.

If you are ordering a ring from our full eternity or two tone ranges we will send you some aluminium metal ring sizers which will be in the same width as the ring(s) you are ordering. This will ensure that you get a perfect fit first time round.

We will normally send you three sizers – one in the size you have ordered, a size larger and a size smaller and we will happily send you additional sizers should you need them.

Once you are happy with a ring size simply let us know and we will adjust the order (if necessary) and begin to make your ring(s). We do not charge for sending you the metal ring sizers; however we would be very grateful if you could send them back to us once you have finished with them.

If for any reason you are unsure of your approximate ring size then please request one of our free plastic ring sizers before ordering.

Plastic Ring Sizer

We will send you via the post a free ring sizer which will help you to determine your correct ring size, and comes with full instructions on how to use. To request a complementary ring sizer you will need to fill out the Contact Us form stating your address details and that you would like a free ring sizer.

Ring Sizer Tips

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider when determining your ring size:-

  • Try to measure yourself more than once and use the average ring size when ordering (should there be any fluctuations in size). It is perfectly normal for people’s fingers to change size slightly throughout the day.
  • A perfect fitting ring should provide some resistance when removing the ring from the finger, although it should not be so tight that it causes the finger to swell. If there is not enough resistance and the ring is too loose there is a very high chance that the ring will fall off.

Resizing Info

If you have purchased a ring from us and you are not happy with the way it fits, then we will happily re-size it for free on the first occasion – this includes sending the ring back to you.

To arrange resizing you will need to let us know your intentions along with the new size. Once we have confirmed the details with you, you will need to send the ring back to us (at your own expense). The typical time taken for resizing is one week which includes refinishing. Once we have resized your ring we will post it back to you using insured delivery.

Any guarantees that we offer will be voided if you allow a third party to work on a ring that we have made for you.